Timever Distributor

1. Qualification for an official distributor of Timever in a country or territory?

A. Professionality in the beauty and cosmetic surgery area, years of experience in wholesaling PDO/PCL/PLLA Threads.

B. Willing to promote our brand and protect the reputation of our brand in the territory.

C. Capable to accomplish the annual sale task.

2. What is the advantage to be an official distributor?

A. We protect every distributor in the territory by handing over all business to it.

B. Training service is free provided, distributors can come to our factory to study products, meanwhile also can get free technical training by our professional doctors to improve the surgery operation skills.

C. Distributor price is only available by distributor, with best discount.

D. Fast delivery, to meet the needs of distributor is our top priority. We shall supply the products firstly to a distributor compare with an ordinary customer.

3. What will Timever do to support the distributors?

A. Timever shall provide samples for demo to distributors when we have new products.

B. Timever shall provide promotion material for free, for example: pictures/specification/poster/catalogs.

C. Timever shall work on brand promotion on the internet and exhibition.

D. Timever shall dispatch experienced doctors to your local territory to train the staff and customer regularly.

4. General distributor policy.

A. Each country at most 3 ordinary distributors.

B. Each country at most 1 exclusive distributor.

C. Distributors have the right to regulate the local price policy.

D. Distributors shall NOT sell the analogous/same products from other brand; Timever shall NOT provide sales and service to the other buyers in the same territory.

E. Both Timever and distributors have the obligation to view the price/technology/business practice as confidential information, and shall not disclosure.