Huaniao Island three-day trip
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In the early morning of August 31st, we got up earlier than usual, and started the three-day trip.

On the way to Shenjiawan Wharf, we crossed over the Donghai Bridge, the bridge is 32.5 kilometers long. It seems like a bright rainbow in the East China Sea. We on board at Shenjiawan Wharf, and it took two and a half hours to arrive in Huaniao Island . The sea here is always blue while the sky is bright and vast. Everything worths it.


 Huaniao Island

After settled down and break in the afternoon, we are full of life. At night, sitting at the beach under the beautiful starry sky, listening to the sound of singing and waves, marvelous!



The next morning, we followed the islander to go sea fishing, and all of us never experience that! Crabs and shrimps and more Arne, fresh seafood for lunch.


 In the afternoon, we went to see the lighthouse.


In the evening, the small bar makes all the chats be full of emotions on the beach. Do you also expect a trip?


 The third day was also the last day of the trip. The island was surrounded by the sea, of course we have to go out to see the sea.


All scenery are always beautiful. The three-days island tour is about to end accompanied with delicious food, and beautiful mood. After lunch, we returned to Shanghai by ferry.

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