Are There Different Types of PDO Threads?
Time:2018-06-01 16:45 Browse: Author:admin

There are many types of PDO threads – and this can be confusing for patients, and even doctors.

In general, PDO threads can be divided into floating, non-barbed threads and barbed threads. These can be further sub-classified in several ways:

PDO Threads

Non-Barbed                         Barbed

Mono-filament threads         Unilateral vs bilateral

Braided threads                  Uni-directional vs bi-directional vs z-type

Cutting barbs vs molding barbs

You may have heard of fancy names like “double screw” or “tornado”, or “heart barbs”. They all refer to threads in one of the categories described above. In addition, PDO threads come in different thickness and length. These all affect their quality, tensile strength, effectiveness, and of course, price of your treatment.

Your doctor may choose to use different threads for you, depending on your skin lifting and rejuventation needs.



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