PDO Nose Thread 19Gx38mm
  • Summary

    The Nasal Columella made by Vernus is designed to be directly used for nose lifting without thread inserting device. When inserted in the nose, bidirectional COG pulls the dermal payer to reform the nose into ideal shape. The PDO thread used in The Ko helps create collagen while being absorbed in the nose and maintains the fine shape of the nose for a long time. The Nasal Columella is mainly inserted in the nasal septum for the effect of cosmetic surgery in the tip of the nose.


    1. Material of Thread: PDO (Polydioxanone)

    2. Material of Needle: Stainless Steel (Imported from Japan)

    3. Shelf Life: 1 Year

    4. Duration: 6 Months

    5. Absorb Beginning: 3-4 Weeks

    6. Completely Absorbed: 180-240 Days

    7. No Side Effect

    8. Quantity: 5pcs/package

    9. Packaging Detail: 2pcs/blister bag, 10pcs/Aluminum foil bag

    10. Delivery Detail: 7-10 days after receiving the deposit and all package information confirmed.


    Gauge/Needle Length/
    Thread Length
    USPPackingTotal Package
    19G-38mm-50mm22pcs X 5 Blister bag10pcs/bag