PDO Double Screw Thread
  • Summary

    It is effective in self-stimulation of cell to create collagen and elastic. It will be fully dissolved in the body. This is biodegradable, biocompatible, safe and dissolved in the body.


    1. Material of Thread: PDO (Polydioxanone)

    2. Material of Needle: Stainless Steel (Imported from Japan)

    3. Shelf Life: 1 Year

    4. Duration: 6 Months

    5. Absorb Beginning: 3-4 Weeks

    6. Completely Absorbed: 180-240 Days

    7. No Side Effect

    8. Quantity: 50pcs/package

    9. Packaging Detail: 10pcs/blister bag, 5pcs/Aluminum foil bag

    10. Delivery Detail: 7-10 days after receiving the deposit and all package information confirmed.


    Gauge/Needle Length/
    Thread Length
    USPPackingTotal Package
    25G-70mm-70mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    25G-80mm-80mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    25G-90mm-94mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    25G-120mm-120mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    26G-30mm-30mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    26G-50mm-70mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    26G-55mm-74mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    26G-60mm-80mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    26G-65mm-94mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    26G-70mm-94mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag
    25G-90mm-120mm7/05pcs X 10 Blister bag50pcs/bag